Trinity Episcopal School Comes to Serve

Yesterday, a tour bus rolled into the Rescue Mission parking lot from Charlotte, North Carolina.  Forty 7th graders and five chaperons from Trinity Episcopal School came to help for the afternoon.  First, twenty students single-filed off the bus and filled the lobby. Some students became peelers, some wrappers, some can openers, some onion cutters. So, they went to their assignment. Next, twenty more students filed off the bus and into the lobby.  Unieta greeted them and took them on a tour of the Mission.  They followed Unieta from dining room, to chapel, to men’s shelter, to clinic, to learning center, to pottery studio, to women’s shelter.  She told them about how the mission helps people in need through offering food, washing clothes, giving health care, providing temporary residency, and teaching classes.  There is also a rehabilitation program for recovering addicts.  While the students listened, they became eager and willing to serve.  After the tour, they switched with their classmates and became peelers, washers, and wrappers.  The other twenty were anxious to understand why they peeled so many potatoes, cut too many onions, and wrap one hundred perfume bottles.  Then, Unieta showed them the mission.  On the tour, the students began to understand why their hand’s smelled like potatoes and hurt from gripping the peeler; why their eyes burned from onions. The students served the mission, because the Rescue Mission serves hurting men and women.  Seeing how the mission serves, inspires service—no matter the aches. The students were very hard workers.


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