‘Leave No Trace Behind’

9:30am on a Saturday, the Cave Spring United Methodist Boy Scout Troup 221 came to pick up trash around the mission.  When they walked into the lobby, the boys already had their gloves on and were ready to work.  But first, we went on a tour.  Afterwards, the boys gathered in the parking lot, put their gloves back on, and shook black bags open.   As they marched out to the underpass, they eyed all of the colorful junk on the ground.  Some, even started to pick it up on the way there.  The boy scouts said, ‘The more we get now, the less we have to get later.’  So, they started at the overpass and worked down Tazewell Ave., into the graveyard, and across 4th street.  They bent over, straightened up, bent over, and straightened up.   Some lugged overstuffed bags to the thrift store dumpster, back and forth.  At noon, the boys finished and joined the mission for lunch. After lunch we walked outside and look around.  The mission property looked beautiful! The sun shined down on spotless grass, clear sidewalks, and empty gutters. The boy scouts left no trace behind, except for the effort behind a clean and clear ground.


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