“How we doing today?”

 The first time I met Jeffery, he offered me ice cream. It was about 3:45 in the afternoon, the time right before the kitchen gets crazy. Only two people were in the kitchen, one person was chopping onions and the other person was putting dishes away. The kitchen was quiet. I looked for the cook, Jeffery, on the line..not there. In the office…not there. By the ovens…not there. By the sinks…not there. Then, Jeffery came strolling out of the freezer with a tub of ice cream in his hands, “You want some ice cream?” he asked. I did. Jeffery and I became friends.
Jeffery and the other cooks, prepare food for 700-900 meals a day. That’s a lot of people. Have you ever been in a mass of people and felt like you were that mass, instead of 1? Yup. I have. But not at the Rescue Mission. Here, Jeffery smiles at you. He treats our guests with individual fairness and respect. Our volunteers look our guests in the eyes and smile-to each and every single ONE of them. So there I was eating ice cream with Jeffery, feeling like ONE of the people he serves, like Christ, every day.


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