Cle Graduated!

Cle is with his sponsor

Cle and his sponsor.  Program participants have a sponsor for encouragement.


Uneita is the Human Resources person for the Mission.  She has a beautiful voice.

Uneita, the human resources person at the mission.  She has a beautiful voice!


Around the second week of May, Cle handed me a piece of paper.  “What’s this?” I asked.  With a big smile he said, “It’s my graduation schedule.”  I looked at the paper and read… Opening Prayer… (blank), Awards and Achievements…(penciled names), Special Music…(penciled Unieta), Speaker…(CLE in bold), Closing Prayer…(blank).  I said, “Cle, you’re graduating!? Congratulations!” With an even bigger smile he said, “Yea.”  That second week of May, Cle was planning for his graduation on May 31, 2008. 

                The looming question is, “Can I make it to graduation day?”  For twelve to eighteen months, our program participants think about the day they complete the program. That day pronounces them sober, mentally healthy, spiritually minded, and a person of character.  That day pronounces them a changed person.  The change is hard and slow.  That change takes over a year.  So, every single day they fight against bad habits, attitudes, and thinking patterns.  If they are willing, God makes them a new creature in Christ, the old goes and the new comes. They are transformed by the renewing of their minds.   Day by day the Rescue Mission exposes program participants to scripture, character classes, and honest work ethic.   Day by day, the program participants expose their minds to new behavior and standards.  That’s hard! Like all of God’s children, they have to allow God to lead the way.  After Cle’s graduation, one guy came up to me and said, “I don’t think I’ll ever make it to graduation…” I looked him in the eyes and said, “Yes, with God’s help you will.  We’re cheering you on.  Cle did it. You can too.”

                So on May 31, 2008, Cle graduated.   His every-day at the Rescue Mission led up to his graduation day. On June 1, Cle became support staff to encourage the other program participants.  So the renewing continues.  CONGRATS CLE!

Every Friday, the mission has RALLY! The mission stops working.  The kitchen empties, incoming calls go to voice mail, and all rooms become still, except the chapel.  Everyone gathers in the chapel to celebrate the program participant’s accomplishments and ‘phase ups.’ Our MC’s are program men and women.  Our music is lead by a Recovery Choir.  We celebrate anniversaries and birthdays.  And on special days the mission celebrates a graduation, like Cle. Finally, Rally ends with a hallmark song, “Rescue Road.”  




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  1. Cle I am proud of your hard work and your decision to make your life be for something good and not staying in the insane circle that we tend to want to do.
    I wish you the best and always remember it is Jesus not us that need the praise and with Him all things are possible.

    God Bless You

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