Wayne’s Treasure

Wayne is the ground’s keeper at the Roanoke Rescue Mission.  When showing me the gardens he said, “Do you know what’s amazing about all of this?”

I said, “What?”

He said, “All of these plants have been donated. All of these plants have been planted by me. And, all of these plants are still alive!” 

Do you know what is amazing about Wayne?  His maintenance tools are bought and donated to the Mission by Wayne.  He says, “I use them now and when I retire I’ll leave them for the person after me.”  Not just the little shovels and rakes, but the riding lawn mower, too.  When the mower broke, Wayne bought a restored mower and added some restoration work himself.  Wayne gives his time, his tools, and his appreciation to the Mission.  He is a thankful man – that is why he gives so much back.   At your place of employment, would you buy the paper, the pens, the staples, the cleaning supplies, and the computer?  Would you purchase the stuff you need to work?  Wayne does.  That’s one of the reasons why Wayne is amazing.  His treasure IS The Rescue Mission and his treasure is AT The Rescue Mission.


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