Terri is strong

“I’m the happiest I’ve ever been here. People say, ‘How can you be happy in the recovery program at a homeless shelter?’ Well, I’m happy.  You learn to look at people different.  We’re all God’s creatures, whether you want help or not. But, if He can change me, then He can change anybody.”  –Terri

Terri is a gem.  You can usually see her carting around in a bright red ‘Jesus’ hat and an even brighter smile.   She is a bright light because she is willing.  She was willing to enter the Mission’s Recovery Program and have a good attitude.  Willing to let the Lord change her behavior and habits.  Today, she praises God for the transforming work that He has done in her life, through the Mission.   That willing spirit is a bright light.  You can see it in her simple actions—singing in the choir on Friday, greeting everyone with a smile, and a good listening ear.  It’s also visible in the more obvious; Terri is physically challenged because she had an accident and as a result is missing a part of her leg.  Most people dwell on their limitations, but Terri doesn’t.   The Lord makes the weak strong.  But, Terri is quick to note that the weak, must be willing.





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