Girl’s Night

Last night was GIRLS NIGHT.  Monica, Leslie, and Becca had the recovery girls over to Monica’s house for a cookout and games.  As soon as the recovery girls arrived, Pat took the meat and started grilling.  She flipped burgers and rolled hot dogs over the fire.  Everyone else sat out on the back porch chatting and smelling the meaty smoke.  Rachel found the mini-umbrellas and knew just the right place for one…in her hair. Diana propped her feet up.  Becky made a delicious macaroni salad.  Everyone sipped soda and munched on crackers and dip.  It was nice.  Pat announced, “The meat’s done!,” and a line of hungry girls filed behind her.  We ate hotdogs and hamburgers, chips and dips, beans, and macaroni salad—the perfect summer meal.   After dinner, we played games: Taboo, Cranium, and Spades. We laughed and played.   Fun and fancy-free. For dessert, we enjoyed ice cream and brownies from the Mission.  On the back porch, the Taboo game got bigger and bigger until the competition fizzled out.  But the fun didn’t stop. Then, Rachel lay on the grass and looked up at the girls on the porch, “Come roll with me!”  Someone said, “Okay!” then another and another…Ready set go! And they’re off! While rolling downhill, Becky’s laugh echoed throughout the backyard.  After their bodies stopped rolling, they climbed back up the hill and laughed some more. When the fireflies started to come out, the girls went back to the Mission.  GIRLS NIGHT was a blast!


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