Hope’s Gift

Hope taking pictures of a family staying in our Shelter



A few weeks ago Hope and her family toured the Rescue Mission.   At the end, they wanted to know how they could help.  We talked about serving food, working in the thrift store, and reading bedtime stories.  Bedtime stories?! That was it. Every weekday night, the kids at the Rescue Mission gather at 8:00 and listen to volunteers read bedtimes stories.  The family signed up to read and entertain.   Then, we started talking about gifts.  Oh, her kids are gifted storytellers..dramatic, animated, and great entertainers.  Also, the oldest daughter, Hope is gifted at photography.  “The Rescue Mission can use that too!” Then, Hope offered to take pictures of the kids.  We scheduled her for June 11 in the afternoon.

                    Yesterday, “A photographer is coming today to take pictures of the kids after school!” was written in red sharpie across the white board.  One mother became very excited! She said, “I have never had a picture taken with all of my children.  One of my girls is two and a half years old and she has never had a picture taken of her.  I have no pictures of my kids.”  But when Hope and her friend Kristen came, there were no people…so we went knocking room to room. 

“knock, knock”…

”hello a photographer is here to….”

“We know! I’m trying to get my kids ready.  I’ll be out there in just a second.”  The mother frantically brushed one kid’s hair and pulled a pretty shirt over another one’s head.

Most of the rooms were busy dressing up for Hope. The families were expecting her.  Hope went outside and started taking pictures.  The kids loved it.  They posed and primped.  They played and laughed. 

                  While watching Hope and Kristen photograph the children, one woman turned to me and said, “Thank you so much.  I don’t have pictures of my children.”  Now, the mom will.

                Hope had a wonderful time too.  We are most delighted when we use the gifts that God has given us to bless other people.  


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