Good Questions cause Great Answers

Linda and Karen, co-workers at Elizabeth Arden, are in the E.V.E. (Energy, Vision, Enthusiasm) Network which is a committee of local business women who help the Rescue Mission network within the community.   Once a month, The E.V.E network gathers to discuss important needs and plan events, like the StellarOne Drumstick Dash.   

Karen’s involvement in the E.V.E. Network began when our friend Leslie, a member of the E.V.E. Network and now the Mission’s Volunteer Coordinator, invited her to take a tour of the Mission. Linda’s involvement in the E.V.E. Network started after being deeply moved by Gus Johnson’s story that was told during her husband’s Rotary Club meeting.


The girls asked two questions, “What can we do?” and “How can we help?”…


First, they did a cell phone drive.  Linda and Karen decorated boxes and put them around Elizabeth Arden asking, “Donate your old cell phones to raise money for the Rescue Mission!” Their co-workers brought their old cell phones in.  But, it didn’t stop there.  Elizabeth Arden employees told their spouses and their spouses told their employers.  First Team Auto donated fifty cell phones.  And word spread to businesses associated with Elizabeth Arden; their purchasing agent donated another fifty phones.  For each phone collected the Rescue Mission receives up to $30.  Elizabeth Arden and friends collected over 200! 

When Elizabeth Arden refurbished their cafeteria, Karen knew exactly what to do with all those tables and chairs! “To the Rescue Mission! That way, the stuff wasn’t sent to the landfill.” That’s about fifty tables and three hundred chairs.  Maintenance at Elizabeth Arden, started to get the message, ‘don’t send it to the landfill!’…so they donated bookshelves too.


When Human Resources had left over cologne from Relay for Life, Karen and Linda knew exactly where it should go.  They called friend Leslie and donated about 75 cologne and aftershave sets.  The Rescue Mission gave the gift sets out on Father’s Day to the men in the Recovery Program.  

“You just have to put people in the mindset to rescue and recycle things.” Think Rescue Mission! Have extra boxes? Think Rescue Mission.  Extra merchandise? Think Rescue Mission. Outdated materials? Think Rescue Mission.  It’s a matter of getting people to think economically, letting nothing go to waste.  “Connections.” It’s spreading the word about what you can do to help.  Connect with your co-workers, classmates, and friends.  It’s getting other people excited to serve along side of you.   

Karen said, “I really don’t feel like we’ve done much. We’ve really just scratched the surface.  We’re just beginning, we have many more ideas.”


All of this energy comes from what happens here.  God changes people’s lives here. Don’t you want to be a part of that?   Ask yourself the same question “What can we do?” and “How can we help?” change people’s lives.  You may find that the answers will change your life.





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