VBS kids collected 1,205 toothbrushes for the Mission


Summer is the time for Vacation Bible School! The kids at Church of the Holy Spirit went back in time to Galilee, by the Sea. Before their classes and activities began, the kids met together to praise and give their offerings to God.  In the sanctuary, Church of the Holy Spirit’s alter steps were bordered with baskets. The baskets and nets collected offerings for God’s work.  Before the horn blew the call to musical worship, the kids skipped up and placed offerings on the alter steps.   The children were very joyful.  The music played and more kids skipped up and dropped off their gifts to God.  The dancers onstage led the sanctuary in high energy praise.  Kids and leaders jumped up and down, waving their hands and shouting a joyful noise.  More kids trickled up to the alter and gave their money and toothbrushes to God.  Toothbrushes?!


God wants toothbrushes? Yes. The kids collected toothbrushes for the Rescue Mission of Roanoke.  Every night the Rescue Mission provides safe shelter for about 300 people.  All of those people have really bad morning breath (just like the rest of us!)All of those people really need to brush their teeth.  They are the homeless.  They have no toothbrush holders or mouthwash cups or soap dispensers.  All day, they carry their possessions. Would you carry your ceramic toothbrush holder around?  I didn’t think so. So when they come for the night, the Rescue Mission of Roanoke provides them with a toothbrush.  The Rescue Mission can give toothbrushes because we have been given to.  Isn’t that just like the kids at VBS? They gave because they have been given to.  In fact, Church of the Holy Spirit gave the Rescue Mission of Roanoke 1,205 toothbrushes.    Those 1,205 toothbrushes were collected on the alter steps. It’s God’s stuff.


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