“The Rescue Mission was founded on the belief that people, with God’s help, have the power to change their lives. After all, the founder of the Mission, Gus Johnson, was living proof.

In 1942, Gus Johnson staggered into a Rescue Mission on Chicago’s Skid Row. That event became the pivotal point in his life. A violent, dirty, alcoholic criminal was transformed into a person of integrity, kindness and persevering vision. Having experienced this dramatic lifestyle change he vowed to dedicate the remainder of his life to rescuing others just like himself.

For 60 years the Rescue Mission has continued a tradition of comprehensive care to those in crisis in our community. The homeless, the hungry, the chemically addicted, the impoverished and the hopeless have all found a warm welcome at the Rescue Mission. Men, women and children have found a safe place and compassionate friends in their darkest moments.

Because the Rescue Mission is open 24 hours a day — 7 days a week  —  365 days a year, it is an essential part of this community’s safety net for those in crisis. Our existing services include:


Our dining room serves complimentary meals 9 times each day (3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 suppers) to those who are hungry. Over 270,000 meals were served last year.


Our 12 month, residential, faith-centered 12-step program is open to women and men with chemical addictions who are committed to the idea of recovery.


Three shelters, for families, women and men, exist to serve the emergency and transitional housing needs of the homeless. Over 93,000 nights of safe shelter were provided last year.


Clothing, shoes and household goods are recycled and given to those who are economically disadvantaged. Over 17,000 items were provided to needy families last year.


Mending Wings Adult Learning Center is an individualized, computer-based, learner-centered approach to remedial adult educational needs.


Jubilee Acres is a retreat operated by the Rescue Mission offering a summer day camp experience for homeless children and an adult Christian retreat program in the fall and winter months.


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  1. Alex Price said

    I am a member of the Roanoke City Jaycees. We are a group of young members in the area with goals of community development. We are always looking for volunteer opportunities in the area and would be happy to help with serving and/or preparing meals, etc… for your orginization. Can you provide me a name of someone in your orginization that I could speak with about an opportunity where we could be of assistance?

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